• Shared Roof Certified Properties
    are carefully selected by our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals
  • Your direct real estate
    investment is secured by your
    Shared Roof Certified Property
  • Receive cash dividends
    from your Shared Roof
    Certified Property
  • Fully managed
    Shared Roof Certified Properties
    come with no-hassle ownership
  • Become a part owner or full owner of a Shared Roof Certified Property

Rethinking real estate investments one roof at a time

Welcome to the Future of Real Estate Investment Shared Roof Investments

Breaking Barriers

Real estate investment is a fundamental, proven vehicle of wealth building. Until now, there have been significant cash, credit, experience, knowledge and time requirements that make real estate investment inaccessible. Shared Roof breaks down these barriers by providing an end-to-end, fully facilitated acquisition and management pathway to direct real estate ownership and management. Our team of experts will navigate the complex world of real estate for you, allowing you to become a Shared Roof Certified Property Owner with none of the hassles. Invest as little or as much as you like in a hand-selected Shared Roof Certified Property and we’ll take it from there.


Ready to take action?

The process can be as involved or as hands-free as you want it to be