Cost & Fees

Ownership Percentage

The fees displayed assume a 100% ownership of a Shared Roof Certified Property

Initial Roof Certification Fee

One time fee of $4000 that goes towards Roof Full Suite Appraisal and Checkup, Roof Owners background check, Roof legal structure and incorporation, and Roof Yearly corporate license renewal fee.

Monthly Roof Management Fee

10% monthly management fee that is waived if we cannot find tenants for your home. If you do not get paid, neither do we. *Note that by comparison, the average property management fee is 10%, just to manage your home! You will have to finance and acquire the property yourself, vet and place tenants yourself, and many more. Let Shared Roof handle all that.

Liquidation Roof Exit Fee

Liquidation fee starts at $5000 but is discounted by $500 for every year that equity of the Shared Roof Certified Property is held.